Television Production

Eternal Crescent Media creates TV programming to engage the senses and inspire thought. Focusing on the best part of human experience, we choose to enrich and elevate, by creating shows that will hold viewers in discussion, long after they’ve walked away from the screen. Television still has the power to impact our society and the way that people interact. ECM aims to provide content that allows people to look at themselves critically and analytically while being entertained. 



ECM produced VH-1’s “Arranged”, a docu-drama surrounding the attempts of a Korean-American family to arrange the marriage of their daughter, Hollywood fashionista, singer and actress, Frankie Finch.

Frankie Finch has led a charmed life. Raised in Orange County and surrounded by the finest luxuries her wealthy, traditional parents could provide, this beautiful Korean girl has had everything a rich pampered kid could want...until now. Her parents have given her an ultimatum–either marry their ideal suitor, David Park...or lose the fortune, the lifestyle and her family forever. Unless she can find someone who lives up to her parents' standards, she will have to choose between her parents' choice of a husband, or lose everything. Will she find true love in time?